How to Make a Memorable Video Slideshow

video slideshowMilestone events are usually celebrated with family and friends. Everyone is in a festive mood and the celebration is underway.  At some point during the event  a toast is given and the focus is on the guest(s) of honor – people bring gifts or cards and some don’t (because the invitation said not to) regardless, now is the time to unveil your gift – a personalized video slideshow.

If you follow these 3 steps you too will be able to give a gift that will be a timeless keepsake and will be remembered (and watched) long beyond your celebration.

1) Make a timeline: Putting together a slideshow will require some planning.  Depending on the celebration you may need to gather photos that span over a long period of time. You need to consider:

  • Who might have these photos and how to contact them to get copies
  • The condition of the photos – they may need repair or restoration
  • What format the photos are in – they may be slides or prints so you will need to allow time for them to be scanned
  • How many photos you will need – based on a standard slideshow time of 6-8 minutes you will need between 110 – 130 photos.  If your slideshow is longer add 10 photos per minute.

2) Consider your audience: The duration of the show is key – who will be watching the slideshow and in what setting:

  • Formal sit-down event with a large group – keep your show to 6-8 minutes.  Any longer and your audience is going to get a bit restless.
  • Open-house where the video is playing in the background – feel free to have a show that is longer (possibly 30-45 minutes) since people can move freely by and an not feel obligated to sit and watch in its entirety.
  • Intimate family group in a casual setting – 20 minutes or so is a nice balance.

3) Decide on a budget: You can design your own show, have it made by a friend or hire a professional.  Consider what is the best use of your time when making your decision.

  • Professional – Hire a company. This will result in a show that is designed with a variety of effects and transitions which are the elements that keep a slideshow interesting. Music of your choice is synched to the show. Custom title and ending slides with your personal messages are an option along with adding captions to slides.  As with any slideshow you will need to dictate the order for your photos. Cost will vary depending on number of photos and music and other custom work – but for a standard 6-8 minute show you should have a budget of a minimum of $400.
  • Semi-professional – You purchase the software and design.  You need to consider cost and learning curve if you make this choice.  Most software is available for under $100.  You also need to consider the cost of music and the guidelines associated with with using the music for this purpose.
  • Free – You can use the feature in Google’s Picasa to create a slideshow. Creating the show is as easy as clicking an icon once you have all your photos selected in the order you prefer and in one folder.  There is only one effect that can be used on the photos and the transition between photos all look the same.  You can synch music to the show- music guidelines apply.

I have designed numerous slideshows and each one is unique and special to the family and the occasion.  The story that is being told is capturing a period of memories that is forever documented and treasured.  They will be truly touched by such a personal gift.  Go to our FAQ for additional information.

As a life long photo enthusiast I have experienced and heard stories about photo loss. I am here to make sure your photos are preserved and shared for all of your family to enjoy. I can help you sort, secure and tell stories with your photos. I also consult, train, and offers workshops for those who want to learn the skill set to keep their photos organized for future generations. I look forward to helping you connect, share and re-share your family memories through the care and management of your photos.

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  1. This is a great, very helpful post! My in-laws celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in February, and we did a slide show for them. It was fantastic. Hope you have a very happy SITS day! :)-Ashley

  2. Happy SITS Day! These are some great tips! I’ve made a few slide show/video presentations over the years, and I know these tips are right on and so very helpful! Having a direction, knowing your audience and all that is so important or it takes twice as long at least!

    Have a great day!

  3. What a helpful post! I was thinking of putting together a slideshow for my brother’s wedding- when the time comes, I’ll come back here for your great tips :)

  4. What a nice idea for a blog site! Happy SITS day – I wondered over from the SITS site to check your blog out :)

  5. You are certainly organized and efficient. You definitely know your way around photos. You have some great advice. I hope you are enjoying your SITS day. Have a blessed day!

  6. Excellent tips! I am loving your site. Saving those memories is so important. Stopping by from SITS!

  7. Rita,
    I am stopping by from SITS girls! I am all linked up because I enjoy your blog! Great tips. I am going to head on over and make a slideshow for sure!
    The Adored Home

    • Sandra – thank you for the visit. Slideshows are so fun and absolutely a fabulous way to share a lifetime of memories. I just did a 50th birthday video for a client and we chuckled as we realized we had just compacted 50 years of her husband’s life into 16:52 minutes!! Please feel free to email if you have any questions about making a slideshow.

  8. This is a great article, I so enjoy photo slideshows. They have always gone over well at parties and weddings. I have gone the semi-professional route by downloading software, but scanning and photo re-touching takes quite a bit of work. It’s good to know there are services available for those who don’t have the time or confidence to attempt to create their own.

    Stopping by from SITS, I hope you enjoyed your day as a featured blogger!

    • Stevie, Thank you for stopping by from SITS. I just completed a slideshow for my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary and even though I created it (scanned, edited, music synching, etc…) I still get just a bit weepy every time I watch it. They are time consuming but truly a wonderful gift for everyone involved!

  9. These are really great tips, Rita!! I have made a few slide shows and they are such a treasure!! Sharing!

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