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Scout was a Christmas present.  My kids really wanted a kitten but they understood my concern.  We already had a cat, Tigger, who is 14 and he has been our only pet (not including the hamster Obie and the numerous fish that have come and gone).  I was concerned Tigger would be annoyed at the newcomer and mark his territory in the house.  That did not happen but by the look on Tigger’s face you can tell he is not real happy about the arrival of Scout.

Tigger & Scout

I got Scout from Northwest Animal Companions.  They bring pets that need a home to the Tanasbourne Petco.  Scout was one of a litter of nine.  When I went to Petco I still was not planning on adopting a kitten, but I thought it would be fun to look.  They have a tent setup so you can sit with the kittens and see which one meets your personality needs.  I initially was drawn to a cat named Chloe she sat on my lap and purred with pure content.  I loved Chloe but there was this little tuxedo kitten scurrying about the tent that caught my attention.  I scooped her up and she let me pet her for just a few seconds and then wanted down.  I watched her play with her siblings, her name was Daffodil.  One of the siblings was Scout, and something about her (Scout’s) inquisitive nature just caught my attention.  I wanted Scout – she was going to be perfect.  And she is.

I tell the kids this story and they constantly tell me I should have adopted Daffodil too – and I usually agree with them – but since I walked into Petco with no intention of adopting a kitten, walking out with two of them would have been pretty crazy…and can you imagine the grief this would of caused Tigger!

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  1. I am laughing at the fact that the kids tell you that you should have gotten Daffodil too. I went to the animal shelter intending to get 2 kittens and came home with 3. Then I went back and got a 4th! My whole family thinks I’m crazy! But we also didn’t have any older cats. They all get along pretty well.

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