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Family PhotoAfter nine months of planning the week finally arrived to celebrate my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary.  All 12 of us arrived in Sunriver, Oregon on Saturday and we celebrated their anniversary on Sunday.  The dinner, slideshow, and presents were all a hit and a complete surprise to my parents.  Additional fun was had playing pickleball, tennis, hiking, swimming, bike riding, family dinners and playing games.

Amid all this fun there were photos taken on two point and shoots and six different smart phones.  If you find yourself in the same situation here are a couple steps to help with managing your photos after a special event:

  1. Set up a dropbox account.  Dropbox is a file/photo/music/document sharing tool. Here is a nice tutorial to introduce you to its offering It also gives you 2GB of free space.
  2. Invite all the members of your party to use dropbox. Dropbox supports dual platform which means PC & MAC users alike can use it.
  3. Create a folder in dropbox specifically for your occasion and share it with your group.
  4. Have everyone upload their photos to the dropbox folder

There are a couple things to keep in mind during this process.  The first is file size.  If you want to use dropbox as a free service you need to consider how many photos have been taken and the size of the file.  The bigger the file size the faster you will reach your 2GB of free space.  The other thing to consider is how you will manage the photos once they are all in dropbox.  I will share ideas on that process next week.  At this point you have all your photos in one place, everyone can see them, and they are saved in a secure place.  With three days still left on this week long celebration I am off to enjoy some family fun on the tennis courts!

As a life long photo enthusiast I have experienced and heard stories about photo loss. I am here to make sure your photos are preserved and shared for all of your family to enjoy. I can help you sort, secure and tell stories with your photos. I also consult, train, and offers workshops for those who want to learn the skill set to keep their photos organized for future generations. I look forward to helping you connect, share and re-share your family memories through the care and management of your photos.

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  1. I love dropbox too – its been a big help for sharing photos and for backing up! I even back up my blog to dropbox!!

  2. Dropbox is the best. Are they still doing the thing where if you get someone to sign up, you get an extra 500 MB of storage space? I’ve shared photos with family, and their bonuses gave us the extra storage space needed to fit all the family photos.

    • Kathy – yes, they still award 500MB of storage for each accepted invite – and that is exactly what I have done too…that way I have enough space to host all the photos.

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"People are taking pictures at a record pace, but many are discovering they lack the time to sort, organize and print these images. The need for the services of a personal photo organizer has evolved as consumers seek out effective solutions for preserving and enjoying their precious memories." - The Association of Personal Photo Orangizers