• Hi Rita – you are FABULOUS! I apologize for the very long delay in responding. I will definitely use your services again as you are so thorough and professional. -Kellie, CA
  • The photo book and the slide show were big  hits!  The kids said they were glad you picked good pictures of them.  I am very pleased with both the book and slide show and the fact that everything is organized in flickr.  Thank you Photovation so much for all of your hard work and effort.  I am looking forward to learning how I can carry the torch forward and do more on my own in the future. – Laura, OR
  • Rita is a life saver. My grandfather passed away and my parents asked me to pull together a PowerPoint with his pictures. I called Rita and asked her advice on how best to scan his pictures. She suggested a portable, easy-to-use scanner and, even had one on hand. Seriously a lifesaver! Thanks Rita. – Debbie, OR
  • I have been holding on to valuable family video tapes on VHS of my children. I wanted them to be digital so I asked Rita to put them on a DVD. We watched them last night. It was a wonderful evening of laughing and memories. I would recommend Rita at Photovation because she is professional and conscientious. Most important, I trusted her with my videos because I know Rita will treat them with the same care that I would.  Ann Marie M., OR
  • I thought I was saving my childhood photos from ruin when I took them out of the sticky photo album years ago, but recently discovered more color loss and aging. It feels so good to have them saved forever in digital format! Rita did a great job scanning and saving my photos. She is fast, and it was such a treat to view them on the computer. – Jennifer, OR
  • Rita Norton of Photovation did a fantastic job of converting several hundred of my photos from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s onto a DVD and even onto a Google + website so that I could access and share the photos with friends and family, right away! It was so convenient to have her do this and it saved me a lot of time. – Leslie, OR
  • From the first step in this photobook process, Rita put me at ease. She walked me through this creative journey and made it fun, not the daunting task I had imagined. We met to go over photobook details, dates, events and she asked lots of great questions to understand what I wanted the book to communicate.  I felt totally comfortable with sharing information and stories with her. Rita has a special and gentle way of listening for important details. She works to preserve memories while creating beautiful books.Her creative skills and artistic style are outstanding. Rita has an intuitive artistic sense. And her technical/ computer knowledge balanced with her savvy creative side is a great combination. She fixed a number of jpeg photos that were not print worthy through her use of digital tools. She made changes to my edits quickly and with 100% accuracy. Rita has excellent follow through and gave me a project time line at our first meeting. She is the definition of being a creative designer with efficient organization and time management skills.Rita showed me that this kind of photobook is a lasting piece of history for our family. I love the book she created and will never go back to sticking individual photos into albums. A digitally prepared photobook is the way to go. Rita and Photovation will be my personal photobook organizer for decades to come. – Kristin, OR
  • Rita is a wiz at organization and creative photo memory making! She was reassuring and fun to work with on what was an overwhelming project in my eyes. She created a wonderful keepsake from a very special event that our daughter participated in this past summer. We not only had digital photos to organize but all sorts of other memorabilia from the event. She helped us organize and digitize it all into one amazing book that we will treasure for years to come. The peace of mind and time that she saved us was worth every penny! – Amy, OR
  • This was such a wonderful process.  Rita converted around 12 – 8mm tapes of our family memories to DVD in a very timely manner.  She explained the process and pricing very clearly and the turn around was quick.  The DVD’s came labeled exactly as they were on the tapes in a nice binder. I love the simple way to store and access our family memories in one place.  When I had a question after she delivered the finished product, she got back to me right away with the information I needed.  I would highly recommend her services. – Christine, OR
  • Rita converted over 18 VHS and 8mm tapes to DVD for me.  As promised, in less than a week, Rita returned my originals as well as a neatly organized container with all the new DVD’s–so nice to be able to trust and know our precious memories were in good hands!  The DVD’s are easier to store and we can enjoy watching them more often.  I received great customer service from Rita.  She took the time to explain the process, was prompt with phone calls and emails, and her follow-up is top notch.  I will definitely be using her services again.  Thank you, Rita! -Rhonda G., OR
"People are taking pictures at a record pace, but many are discovering they lack the time to sort, organize and print these images. The need for the services of a personal photo organizer has evolved as consumers seek out effective solutions for preserving and enjoying their precious memories." - The Association of Personal Photo Orangizers